How to Replace a Garbage Disposal

Insinkerator Garbage Disposal Drain

Is your garbage disposal making a humming or grinding noise?

Is there a smell coming from your disposal that you can’t get rid of?

Are you finding yourself hitting the re-set button too often or every use?

If any of the above sound familiar, it’s time to replace your garbage disposal.  If well maintained, your average garbage disposal will last up to 10-12 years. But when it's time to replace the old disposal, you’ll want to make sure to replace it with an efficient new model. 

Insinkerator is not only the largest manufacturer of garbage disposals, they also invented them in 1927. Garbage disposals have come a long way since 1927, with advanced technologies like MultiGrind® stages and SoundSeal® technology for higher performance. There's a model for every home and every budget. Check out this handy buying guide to help find the right disposal for you.

The garbage disposal is great for food scraps.

How to Install a Replacement Garbage Disposal

Once you’ve picked your new disposal, it’s time to get to work. Replacing your garbage disposal is actually fairly simple. In fact, Insinkerator disposals are the easiest to install, remove, and replace! All you need are common household tools like a hammer, screwdriver, and pliers.  Follow these steps on how to replace a garbage disposal!

1. Turn circuit power off to the disposal.

2. Remove hose and drains.

3. Disconnect the disposal from the mounting assembly.

4. Remove the dishwasher knockout on the new disposal.

5. Put on new discharge tube with clamp.

6. Align disposer with mounting tabs to hang disposer.

7. Turn mounting ring to lock disposal in place.

8. Align disposal with drain trap and discharge tube.

9. Plug disposer into power outlet and tighten all connections.

10. Test for leaks by running water. 

For more detailed instructions, check out Insinkerator's  step-by-step guide to installing a replacement garbage disposal. And don't forget to stop by your local Do it Best store to pick up a new Insinkerator garbage disposal, plumbing supplies, and more!

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