7 Ways to Decorate a Small Room

7 Ways to Decorate Small Rooms

Modern, traditional, farmhouse, contemporary – no matter your style, there’s always a way to decorate any room, even those with less square footage. If you have a small room that you want to make appear bigger, here are seven ways to easily do so.

Define Rooms with Rugs

1. Define Areas with Rugs

Use rugs to help separate parts of big open rooms, instead of the illusion of one big, indistinct room. Separating rooms is especially nice when you have a small apartment or a great room that you want to be multi-functional.

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Use dual-purpose furniture

2. Stay Away from Over-sized Furniture

The last thing you want to do in a small area is eat up too much floor space. Keep furniture simple, yet functional. Use dual-purpose stools that function as an end table, but can provide extra seating when there’s a crowd. Find a couch that has plenty of seating, but doesn’t have all the extra pillows or large cushions. A massive piece of furniture in a small room will overpower it and make the room flow poorly.

Hang curtains higher to draw the eye upward.

3. Hang Curtains Higher

Hanging curtains closer to the ceiling, rather than directly above the window will help to draw your eye upward creating the illusion of a larger room. You can also extend your curtain rods out past your window to make an even better statement with a seemingly bigger view.

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A single pattern is great in small rooms.

4. Don’t be Afraid of Patterns

Small areas may require neutrals for most décor, but don’t be afraid to throw in some bold patterns here and there. Try adding a patterned comforter to a bedroom, some bright, colorful curtains to the living room, or even a patterned accent wall in the bathroom! Patterns are a focal point of any room, and really spruce things up.

Keep small rooms free of clutter.

5. Keep it Simple

Small rooms call for clutter-free décor. Pick one area or item in the room to be the focal point and design around that one item. For example, in a bedroom you might pick a fancy bedframe with minimal furniture around. Forget the big armoire for holding clothes and try a open closet with a rack on one wall to double as closet space and décor. Another option is to try a claw foot tub in the bathroom with a small, plain vanity. The tub is the start of the show and your want the vanity to blend with the rest of the room. Remember, in small spaces less is definitely more.

Use paint to give the illusion of a bigger room.

6. Fool the Eye with Paint

Bright paint or wallpaper can help give the illusion of more space because light walls are more reflective making the room feel bigger than it really is. The best colors to make a room feel larger are soft tones like off-white, green, and even blue. Painting trim and molding a color lighter than your walls will make your walls look like they are farther back, therefore making the room seem bigger. You can even paint the ceiling to make the room appear taller.

Use mirrors to make the room appear larger.

7. Give the Illusion of Space with Mirrors

Some really well placed mirrors will undoubtedly fool the eye into thinking your small space is huge! Mirrors reflect both artificial and natural light, automatically making the room brighter and bigger. One of the best places for these space-increasing mirrors is next to a window to bounce natural light throughout the room. You can even decorate with mirrored cabinet doors or create your own mirrored cabinet using Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Spray Paint.  

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Give your cramped, small room a makeover by simply adding a lighter, brighter color to the walls. Use mirrors for reflective light to give the illusion of more space, and always stay away from over-sized furniture that doesn’t fit your space. There are so many ways to make small areas feel big. You just need the right tools to get the job done, and you can find those at your local Do it Best store.

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